Justin Mathis invited to serve on the Steering Committee for the 2nd Annual LIGHTS Workshop

One of Alcorn State University’s own has been asked for his services for planning a customer service workshop.

Justin Mathis, coordinator of Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach at Alcorn, was invited to serve on the Steering Committee for the 2nd Annual LIGHTS Workshop at Mississippi State University during the spring 2016. LIGHTS stand for “Learning Information while Gaining Helpful Training on Visitor Services.” The annual conference provides training on how to start a welcome center and information sharing sessions on visitor services programs at public and private colleges and universities in Mississippi to enhance student enrollment and customer relations. The conference’s target audiences are primarily admissions and recruitment professionals and others from around the state that works in the field of customer relations.

Mathis humbly accepted the invitation and looks forward to participating in the workshop.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve on the committee for the LIGHTS Workshop,” said Mathis. “I take it as an honor to serve students as well as my peers. As I tell my student leaders, ‘You never know who is watching.’ I would like to thank the chair, Gwen Caples, for selecting me.”

Mathis gave his perspective on what good customer service is.

“A positive attitude and being willing to assist students to the best of my ability is an example of good customer service. Giving a good first impression with a friendly greeting and helpful attitude is also key to bringing students to Alcorn. Determining the students’ needs and quickly solving problems will also lead to satisfied customers.”

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