Ambassadors of Hope from Psychology Society get Egg-cited about Autism

Students at Alcorn State University participated in a fun filled event that shed light on a condition that affects youth across the world.

On Monday, March 28, members of the Psychology Society hosted the event, “Get Egg-cited about Autism,” to raise awareness about autism. In the event, students hid blue (the color that represents Autism Spectrum Disorders) eggs on the campus green filled with facts about autism. Student participants were required to memorize the facts before they could receive their reward (a small basket with candy).

The students worked closely with Dr. Martha Ravola’s mini-grant funded by Morehouse School of Medicine titled, “Connectivity, Awareness and Support Activities (CASA).” The student leaders involved in the CASA program serve as Ambassadors of Hope, who promote good mental health at Alcorn State University. Students of various disciplines serve as Ambassadors of Hope at events on campus throughout the semester.

“It is a delight to see the enthusiasm in Ambassadors of Hope as they passionately organize novel events to promote mental health,” said Ravola, assistant vice president for Academic Program Support and Graduate Studies. “This is the second year that they have hosted an autism awareness event, the first one being, “50 Shades of Blue.” The events organized by Ambassadors of Hope are drawing more students to be actively involved in promoting mental health at Alcorn State University.”

E’niya Rowry, a senior, psychology major who said she personally knows someone who was diagnosed with autism, enjoyed spreading awareness while having fun.

“Using an egg hunt to give out the information put a fun twist on the basic pamphlet,” said E’niya. “The event was imperative to everyone because it affects everyone, no matter one’s race, gender or socioeconomic background.”

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