Michael Hurns and Jenny Joiner elected as Senior Class President, Miss Senior

Alcorn State University class of 2017 elected Michael Hurns and Jenny Joiner to represent them as Senior Class President and Miss Senior.

According to Michael, becoming the Senior Class President is something exciting and new. Jenny is also excited about the new tasks that are upon her for the 2016-2017 school year.

“It feels wonderful to be named Senior Class President for the upcoming year. The chance to serve others and develop leadership skills is always a thrilling. The job will give me the chance to collaborate with others and keep an open mind about the management and ideals of an entire class,” said Michael

“I am overwhelmed by the love and support the student body showed me throughout the campaigning process. I am very excited to uphold the position. I am ready to serve the senior class as well as the student body with a humble spirit and a smile on my face. Excellence is the key,” said Jenny.

Both Michael and Jenny have promising goals that will help elevate the 2016-2017 senior class.

“My goals are to increase community service by having more programs that will give community service hours. I will try to place more emphasis on career outreach programs such as career fairs, job development training and even interview training.”

“As Miss Senior, my goal is to inform my fellow classmates on how to utilize their resources here on campus, get involved and remain active, and try to ensure that every student is mentally and physically prepared for the real-world post graduation.”

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