Student teachers prepare to make their mark in education

As the 2016-2017 academic year starts, several Alcorn State University education majors are setting their sights on beginning their careers as teachers.

The student teachers participated in this year’s Pre-Service Seminar in the Walter Washington Administration Classroom Building in July. The seminar is a program that prepares student teachers for various teaching tasks, legal issues in education, professional knowledge and professional practices in the field of elementary and secondary education.

Joycelyn Minor, a Woodville, Mississippi native and vocal music education major, looks forward to not only being a teacher, but also being a positive role model in her students’ lives.

“I’m really excited about starting my career as a teacher,” said Joycelyn. “I believe that students are our future, and I believe that I can make a positive difference in the lives of children.”

Joseph Owens, a Pickens, Mississippi native and mathematics education major, said that he’s excited about teaching and watching his students understand his concepts.

“I look forward to seeing the students’ faces once they understand what I am teaching,” said Joseph. “This experience will be great and I am overwhelmed with emotions. I forward to being in charge of my own classroom.”

Kevin Campbell, a Natchez, Mississippi native and health and physical education major, plans to impact his students with his knowledge of sports. He also looks forward to having a positive impact on their health.

“I hope that I can break the normal teaching style of physical education teachers by actually teaching them about different sports,” said Kevin. “I also plan to encourage my students to live healthier lifestyles.”

Dr. LaShundia Carson, director of student teaching and field experience in the Department of Education and Psychology, showed pride in her students for making it this far. She looks forward to seeing their progress.

“I am so proud of my students for starting their teaching careers and taking advantage of their opportunities to apply their skills in a classroom setting,” said Carson.

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