Kevin Washington starts student entrepreneur organization at Alcorn

Alcorn State University junior and California native Kevin Washington is here to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners live their dreams.

Kevin started the Alcorn State Entrepreneur Club, which will be called as ASEC. The organization will be a platform for students interested in being entrepreneurs or business owners. Kevin said that he plans to invite seasoned entrepreneurs to come share their experiences with the students.

“I feel that Alcorn needs a business club that isn’t linked to a large-scale organization,” said Kevin. “This organization would allow members to learn from speakers who are experienced entrepreneurs. I feel that students can learn the most from others who have actually done the work because they have the hands-on experience in the field.”

Kevin believes the information shared during the organization’s meetings will give them an overview of what to expect from being an entrepreneur or business owner.

“I think this organization will open peoples’ eyes to what avenues they can take in entrepreneurship. I will also provide the opportunity for students to learn the steps they have to follow if they plan to open their own businesses.”

The organization’s mission is to equip the members with the tools they need to be successful.

“I hope the organization leave members with ideas to pursue their dreams by making their businesses a reality. This campus has a bunch of students who are interested in starting businesses and want help with their ideas. So hopefully with this organization, I can link them with different professionals in the industry so they can be successful business owners while in school.”

Kevin said that he has plans of starting a poetry organization called Dead Poet’s Society, which will be a literature club that would discuss different books and poetic concepts.

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