Zeta Phi Beta Sorority hosts Social Mirror event

Alcorn State University’s Zeta Phi Beta Sorority hosted a program that shed light on proper social media conduct and how it can affect the University’s brand.

The sorority hosted the Social Mirror event Thursday, Nov. 3 in the J. D. Boyd Library’s Medgar Wiley Evers Auditorium. Clara Ross Stamps, vice president for Marketing and Communications at Alcorn, led a lively discussion on using one’s voice and influence via social media to inspire and build opportunities.

Inger Frye, secretary in the Math and Science Building and Zeta advisor, agrees with Stamps, that students don’t think about the repercussions that negative posts could cause them and others. She urges students to learn how to effectively communicate their issues by using their student handbook.

“I think that our young men and women who post on social media fail to think about the consequences of their actions,” said Frye. “They are not thinking about how negative actions will follow them. We’ve gotten away from values, and we’ve also forgotten how to communicate with each other when problems arise.”

Nanette Boyd, senior and president of the Zeta chapter, thought that Stamps’ message was much needed. She said that the information was eye opening, and it motivated her to be more cautious before uploading social media posts.

“The message was very powerful,” said Nanette. “The message encouraged me to be mindful of what I post on my social media accounts. It also encouraged me to make social media posts that build my brand power and reflect good characteristics.”

Mishalei Hall, a freshman, said that she learned that negative social media posts hurt the University. She believes that students, faculty, staff and alumni should do their best to build up the University’s image.

“Protecting and enhancing our brand is important because negativity can change someone’s impression of the University,” said Mishalei. “When people posts negative messages about Alcorn, it affects everything from student enrollment to financing scholarships.”

For those operating official University social media accounts, visit Alcorn’s Identity Standards for do’s and don’ts.