Psychology Society attends Cultural Competency Conference

Members of Alcorn State University’s Psychology Society sharpened their knowledge on cultural competency by attending a conference that shed light on the issue.

Dr. LaShawn Thompson, along with LaQuita Williams, Rayford Mullins and James Wolfe, attended the Cultural Competency Conference at the Hinds Behavioral Health Services Friday, Dec. 9 in Jackson, Mississippi. The theme for the conference was “Cultural competence: Engaging, Empowering, and Promoting Culturally Competent Practices in Mental Health.”

During the conference, the attendees became award of issues affecting minority and cultural groups such as suicide, depression, alcohol and drug issues, social justice concerns, criminal concerns, and faith-based treatment.

Thompson and the students received valuable advice on accepting everyone in society, no matter what their background is. She believes the lessons taught at the conference are a positive step toward peace among individuals of different cultures.

“It is imperative that we continue to assess our cultural competency so that we are not excluding individuals from appropriate care in the communities we serve,” said Thompson. “In order to maintain that competency, it is vital that we seek out opportunities such as these so that our growth in this area does not become stagnate.”

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