Woodrow Price named Sherman Avenue Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year

Alcorn State University alumnus Woodrow Price is making a difference in the lives of his peers and students.

Price was named Sherman Avenue Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year Friday, Dec. 9. Price was selected for the award by his co-workers and students.

As Price reflected on his days as a youth who overcame challenges to obtain his education, he realized how special his latest accomplishment really is.

“I am humbled to be Sherman Avenue Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year,” said Price. “As a child, I failed 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades, so to overcome those hurdles and become teacher of the year is the creator’s way of telling me he is pleased with what I am doing.”

For Price, being a positive role model to his students make his job much easier.

“Knowing that I am making an impact at Sherman Avenue makes coming to work worthwhile. I will continue to operate in the gifts that I have been blessed with.”

Price plans to use the strength of his award to enhance professional development and reading skills in the students.

“I want to assist school administrators with providing professional development for teachers and training to get assistant teachers certified. Also, I want to continue to be an advocate for children and continue to instill in them the importance of reading.”

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