Call for Managing Editor: Journal of Human Sciences and Extension

The Journal of Human Sciences and Extension (JHSE) is seeking applications for a Managing Editor for a three year term beginning June 1, 2017.

JHSE is a young journal that published its first issue in June 2013. JHSE is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal focused on disseminating knowledge and information to academicians, educators, and practitioners. Topics addressed include human development (e.g., early care and education, youth development); family studies; agricultural education; leadership development; extension; health and wellness; apparel, textiles, and merchandising; agricultural economics; nutrition and dietetics; family resource management; and program planning and evaluation. The journal seeks to bridge research and practice, thus all manuscripts must give attention to practical implications of the work. The journal is sponsored by the School of Human Sciences at Mississippi State University and is published three times a year. Every other year in June, a special issue is published that focuses on a contemporary or emerging issue that applies broadly to human sciences and Extension (e.g., the Extension program planning model, urban Extension).

The Managing Editor will work closely with the Editor-in-Chief to handle the day-to-day operations of JHSE. The Managing Editor’s responsibilities will include

  • receiving manuscript submissions and overseeing the peer review process through assignment of manuscripts to an Associate Editor in the appropriate content area (approximately 60 new submissions per year);
  • working with Editor-in-Chief to make final editorial decisions regarding revision, rejection, or acceptance of submitted manuscripts;
  • maintain manuscript inventory;
  • coordinating any special issues collaboratively with an invited guest editor and the Editor-in-Chief;
  • communicating with authors, potential authors, and Associate Editors regarding all aspects of the review process;
  • editing and formatting accepted manuscripts for online publication; and
  • working with Editor-in-Chief and webmaster to finalize online publication of accepted manuscripts.

The role of Managing Editor will be a volunteer position (as is the role of Editor-in-Chief); no compensation is provided. Thus, institutional support is needed for the person who takes on this role. Because JHSE is an online-only journal, there are no fees associated with publication (other than the website fee which will continue to be covered by the School of Human Sciences at Mississippi State University). However, the institution will need to provide support in the form of release time, equipment, telephone, and mailing expenses.

Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2017. A review committee will begin reviewing applications after this closing date. When a new Managing Editor is selected and commitment is finalized, the transition period will begin where the Editor-in-Chief will train the Managing Editor to have full responsibility for all Managing Editor duties by June 1, 2017. Current Associate Editors would continue in their roles so the new Managing Editor will begin with a group of professionals already familiar with JHSE and its processes.

A complete application should be submitted electronically to the Editor-in-Chief, Donna Peterson, at [email protected]. The application must include the following materials:

  • Qualifications for serving as a Managing Editor
    • previous experience as editor, guest editor, member of an editorial board, and/or reviewer for any peer-reviewed journals
    • editing/proofreading skills
    • primary areas of professional expertise
    • experience with Cooperative Extension and/or applied research
  • Current CV
  • Description of how candidate will build Managing Editor duties (approximately 8-10 hours per week) into his/her current role and responsibilities
  • Statement of support from candidate’s department/institution
  • At least two letters of support from professional colleagues