Alcorn AgDiscovery 2017 Now Accepting Applications

It's that time again!!!

AgDiscovery 2017 is now accepting applications! The AgDicovery Program at Alcorn State University, School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, is for youth 12 – 16 years old who are interested in careers in the areas of animal science and veterinary medicine. The 2-week camp is free and is scheduled from June 18-30, 2017 on the Lorman campus.

In 2002, Alcorn State wrote the original grant that began the AgDiscovery Program that has now become a premiere program with the United States Department of Agriculture. The AgDiscovery Program is based off of the former Ag Academy Camp created by Drs. Kenneth Stallings, professor of animal science, Cassandra Vaughn, assistant professor of animal science, and Gwendolyn Boyd, associate professor of plant and soil science. The camp was originally created for younger children.

This year, there are 22 institutions participating in the AgDiscovery Program with camps focusing on various topics such as, marine biology, animal welfare, and agriculture economics.

ADiscovery is a highly competitive campus with 16 slots available per university. For more information on the AgDiscovery Program, click on the link below. Applications must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2017.

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