Generous donors recognized at All For One Giving Mid-Campaign Breakfast

Committee members for Alcorn State University’s All For One Giving Campaign celebrated the generous donations of committed Alcornites during their latest charitable event.

The All For One Mid-Campaign Breakfast was held Tuesday, April 4 in the James L. Bolden Ballroom to show appreciation to those who have given to the All For One Giving Campaign. Donors were rewarded for their giving with a certificate and an Alcorn gift bag. The Alcorn Jazz Combo and the Sounds of Dyn-O-Mite Tower of Power drum line performed selections for the crowd.

Dr. Cassandra Vaughn, university veterinarian, delivered the keynote speech at the event.

Vaughn credits her passion for the University and desire to see its students flourish for her donations.

“I give because I am a believer of doing as much for others as I do for myself,” said Vaughn. “My relationship with Alcorn is symbiotic. Besides my parents, I received great mentorship from fellow Alcornites. I give because I want more for our students. I want them to connect my giving to their getting in hopes that they will give to the University after they graduate.”

MyShawn Smith, sophomore chemistry major, thanked the ASU Foundation for ending his financial struggles, which allowed him to remain a student at the University.

“It wasn’t’ until I crossed paths with the ASU Foundation that I knew that I would remain a student here,” said MyShawn. “The ASU foundation has played a major role in my matriculation here at Alcorn. Had it not been for those who gave to the Foundation, I would not be a student here. Thank you for supporting me.”

Marissa Allen, sophomore, agricultural economics major who is a recipient of the ASU Foundation’s Mississippi Rural Rehabilitation Scholarship, also gave the Foundation credit for enabling her to further her education.

“I have to rely on scholarships and grants to support me because of my parents’ financial situation,” said Marissa. “The ASU Foundation has been a great resource for me to continue my love for learning. There are people at this university who really care about us. I couldn’t have made it this far without their help.”

President Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. applauded all employees who contribute to the betterment of the University.

“I sincerely appreciate all of you who give back to the ASU Foundation,” said Rankins. “It’s important because giving back counts in our national rankings. It’s important because those funds support deserving students in furthering their educations. Your donations provide necessities such as scholarships, books and grants for our students.”

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