Jonathan Weir honored with the Dr. Johnny E. Brown Membership Award

Since graduating from Alcorn State University in 2016, Jonathan Weir has spent his time becoming a standout graduate student and leader at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indianapolis.

Weir, who’s pursuing a master’s degree in land resource economics, received the Dr. Johnny E. Brown Membership Award Saturday, April 22. The award is presented to a Black Graduate Student Association member who has been a diligent participant in the organization.

The award is a token of appreciation from the association to a member who has gone far beyond the call of duty to ensure the association remains active on Purdue’s campus.

Being awarded so quickly is a testament to Weir’s commitment to the association. He feels honored to be this year’s award recipient.

“It was an honor to be recognized with this award considering that this is my first year at Purdue and being a part of the Black Graduate Student Association,” said Weir. “Dr. Brown was instrumental in the establishment and early years of the association, so receiving this award is a special accomplishment.”

Participating in community services is one of the key elements of a burgeoning organization. That’s why Weir has made it a priority to do as much as he can to keep the association going strong.

“An organization cannot thrive without active membership participation, so whether it was undergraduate outreach events, community service projects such as delivering water to Flint, Michigan or working with the Black Caucus, I was able to come in and fill roles left vacant by former members.”

Weir said that the group is a vital tool for recruiting minority students. He also said it gives current minority members a chance to bond with one another.

“The association plays a critical role in the recruitment, retention and peer mentorship of black students at Purdue. Several members either research or work with programs to increase enrollment in higher education at research institutions. It also provides a space to de-stress, collaborate and socialize with other black graduates on Purdue’s campus.”

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