Alcorn’s student teachers recognized at Education Induction Ceremony

Proud supporters of Alcorn State University’s student teachers celebrated their ascension to professional educators.

A total of 16 undergraduate and graduate student teachers were recognized at the School of Education and Psychology Teacher Induction and Graduate Recognition Ceremony Wednesday, May 3 in the Oakland Memorial Chapel. DeAnta’ Spann, a 2016 Alcorn graduate and Award of Excellence recipient, delivered the keynote speech.

Spann stated that commitment to building the minds of students is key to a successful teaching career.

“You have to be committed,” said Spann. “You must stay focused on the main goal, which is to effectively take your students to a higher level. When you encourage students to do their best, they will be eager to learn.”

A love for teaching is a trait that Spann said all teachers should have when leading students.

“The joy behind your education is seeing your students rise and succeed. We must understand that we will never become great unless we love what we do. Love will get us to steer children in the right direction.”

Spann concluded by giving the student teachers more advice for their futures in education.

“Build relationships with parents, students, your colleagues and the community. Be consistent in your routines. Be firm, but fair. Always keep a positive attitude because when you have a good attitude about what you do, you will light up the room.”

Dr. Robert Z. Carr Jr., dean for the School of Education and Psychology, told the student teachers to think big in pursuing their goals. He also encouraged them to remember the sacrifices their loved ones made to help them along their journey.

“This is one of my favorite days of the year,” said Carr. “Just because someone hasn’t done something doesn’t mean it cant’ be done. I want all of you to think about the people who sacrificed for you to be here today, and let them know that you appreciate them. There’s always someone behind you who has helped you become successful.”

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