Londell Eanochs elected mayor of Fayette

The city of Fayette in Jefferson County, Mississippi is officially under the leadership of one who was groomed at Alcorn State University.

Londell Eanochs, who earned a master’s degree from Alcorn in 2013 and went on to serve as the University’s senior network engineer, was elected the next mayor of Fayette Tuesday, June 6.

The Fayette native is grateful for the opportunity to lead the place he’s called home for his entire life. He’s looking forward to tackling the concerns of the citizens.

“It’s a great feeling to get the opportunity to give the city of Fayette what it deserves, and it’s a great honor to be considered worthy to lead,” said Eanochs. “I feel that I have a chance to give the people the best possible option for progress.”

A strong urge to display his leadership ability, along with a concrete support system, is what fueled Eanochs’ desire to run for mayor.

“Leadership has been instilled in me throughout my lifetime. Faith, family and friends made it easy for me to make the choice to run for the position.”

The people are truly a concern for Eanochs. So much so, that he plans to initiate movements that would lead to more opportunities for those living in the city.

“Infrastructure is one of my top concerns for the city. Beautification, police, fire and utilities will be my initial focus that will bring jobs and create partnerships. Transparency is what I would like to bring to Fayette. Informing the citizens of business and funding opportunities will be key to building trust and respect.”

Eanochs assures the people of Fayette that he’s sincere about unifying the city for a greater good.

“Expect me to be fair, honest and unselfish. This election was not about me, but about the city of Fayette, and I expect to unite the community so that those with experience and knowledge can be involved in the city’s transformation.”

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