Rosheka Tenner participates in Meharry Medical College’s Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine Summer Enrichment Program

Inspired by her mother’s illness, Alcorn State University sophomore Rosheka Tenner has been on a mission to bring more healthcare options to small towns.

“I aspire to be a rheumatologist or a primary care physician,” said Rosheka, a biology/pre-medicine major. “When I was a child, my mother was diagnosed with lupus. This caused my family to be in constant search of adequate and genuine healthcare.”

Growing up in Fayette, Mississippi and witnessing the struggles her mother faced is the primary reason why she is pursuing a career in the medical field.

“Due to the lack of rheumatologists in the area, we were forced to travel to a bigger city to find a doctor. This is what sparked my passion for the medical field. I don’t want any of my patients to go through the same experiences my mother experienced.”

By participating in Meharry Medical College’s Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine Summer Enrichment Program in Nashville, Tennessee, Rosheka was able to get a glimpse into how life as a medical student really is.

“The program is designed to resemble the schedule and work load of a medical student. This program provided me with real world experiences along with a preview of what a medical student will experience.”

Rosheka said that attending medical discussions and performing medical tasks were the most enriching portions of the program.

“The most interesting parts of the program was the strategic design along with intriguing seminars. Such a design provided the students with challenges of a medical student along with hands-on experience with current medical issues.”

Being involved in the program gave Rosheka the confidence she needed to succeed. She has faith that her newfound knowledge will carry her far in her career.

“This program motivated me to let go of the limits I previously created for myself. Now, I am aware of the pressures and how to overcome them. I feel that the program will enable me to perform both academically and professionally. Not only will my participation is this program enhance my performance, but it will also pave the way for me to reach my goal; serving others.”

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