Raven Stewart studies abroad in London

While on a journey toward pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Mississippi, Alcorn State University alumna, Raven Stewart, was afforded the opportunity to study abroad in London, England as part of her comparative higher education course.

Stewart, who earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2015, returned to the states in late August after spending the summer studying post secondary education systems within a global framework. During her studies, Stewart and her classmates investigated the systems of multiple universities in London to see how they create and provide equitable learning opportunities for citizens of the country.

The experience introduced Stewart to how other countries strive to assist all students in earning an education and pursuing their dreams.

“Studies in this area have revolutionized the approach some countries have taken to providing an accessible and affordable education to those who previously were barred from such necessities,” said Stewart. “The importance of this work is felt by so many young learners around the world who have the potential to reshape their futures and better their lives.”

After completing her studies, Stewart left with a new perspective on the educational makeup of other cultures.

“This experience has been life changing. My time abroad provided me with a better appreciation for and understanding of the internationalization of various educational structures and cultures. Comparative higher education is an area of scholarship that I believe has the potential to change the way humanity views and values the process of learning.”

The course had a significant impact on Stewart’s prospective career path in education.

“I feel so passionately about the subject of global education and internationalization that it has completely shifted my professional perspective and pursuits. After graduation, I will further my knowledge within a comparative education doctoral program. Then, I hope to work for a United Nations agency and contribute to educational access and fairness across the world.”

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