Alcorn freshmen learn time management skills

On Tuesday, Oct. 10 in the J.D. Boyd Library, Medgar Wiley Evers Auditorium, an event led by academic advisor GeColby Youngblood took place for freshmen in an effort to teach them a few lessons and guidelines about time management in college.

“When brainstorming the topic of my first event at Alcorn, I thought one that would help out new students would be best for me when it was finally my time,” Youngblood said.

Youngblood and the other advisors that helped in this event thought it was a success because all the freshmen that attended seemed very interested in the topic. Tips and guidelines were given about how the freshmen should manage their time when it comes to studying, going to class, exercising or having fun. College can present a number of distractions, so Youngblood wanted to show students how they should balance everything without getting stressed.

Some of the tips would be to get seven to eight hours of sleep at night and eat healthy every day. Also for students to try their best in overcoming procrastination. This is so students can function enough in their classes and events. Youngblood went to school at Alcorn, so he knows exactly what the students need to get through their college years without any issues.

“I think he was very good at this presentation, and it’s going to help me out a lot this semester and the next,” new student De’Asia Morgan said.

Youngblood showed Alcorn that he is skilled in shaping young minds and being a leader. He looks forward to hosting other events that focuses on helping students to be successful.

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