School of Nursing educates Alcorn community with breast cancer, diabetes health event

Dr. Geraldine Young, assistant professor for Alcorn State University’s Department of Graduate Nursing, hosted a free health event, “Saving Breasts & Putting Diabetes to Rest,” Wednesday Oct. 25 in the James L. Bolden Campus Union. Students, faculty and staff were able to receive free health screenings for blood pressure, kidney disease and breast examinations.

Freshman, biomedical engineering major Brian Rodgers of Chester, Pennsylvania stated, “While walking, I noticed the poster stating that there was a free health fair, and you can never be too conscious of your health. If you have diseases that run in your family, it’s good to take advantage of these free health screens, so you can stay on top of your health,” said Rodgers.

Young, who hosted the event to give back to Alcorn's School of Nursing, said, “I have this event at Alcorn State University for students, faculty and staff because I believe in giving back. I believe that everyone should come out for the screening for early detection and prevention of diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer because they affect so many people. Early prevention and detection are important in combating these diseases.”

For more information on receiving health screenings, contact the Department of Health & Disability Services, located in Rowan Hall next door to the E. E. Simmons Gymnasium, (601) 877-6460.

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