Sigma Chi Iota, Inc. hosts membership drive to recruit new members

Sigma Chi Iota hosted a membership drive informational Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Ray Johnson Auditorium to inform prospective members of the origin of the organization, requirements to join and the purpose of the organization. There were about 35 students in attendance, along with Sigma Chi Iota’s leadership board and founders, Dr. Joey Mitchell and Mr. Carey Butler. Zoria Nicholson, president of Sigma Chi Iota, explained to the prospective members the benefits of joining Sigma Chi Iota.

“Whether you are a freshman or senior, Sigma Chi Iota is a great organization to get hands-on experience before graduating college that will benefit you in the real world. There are multiple opportunities to network and gain community service,” said Nicholson.

To join Sigma Chia Iota, students are required to have a 3.3 cumulative GPA along with 30 credit hours. There are no interviews required to become a member. Sigma Chi Iota is a nonprofit organization that gives members the opportunity to gain community service hours, leadership skills and career development.

Caleb Red, a junior music education major, explained why he is interested in joining Sigma Chi Iota.

“This is an awesome opportunity to build my resume in hopes of receiving multiple job offers when I graduate. I have also heard great things about the organization,” said Red.

The deadline for prospective members to submit an application at is Friday, Feb. 16. Once prospective members have joined Sigma Chi Iota, there will be an induction ceremony Thursday, Feb. 22 in the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility Gold Room, where students will be required to dress professionally in black and white. If members can’t attend the ceremony, they can go to the Office of Career Services to receive their certificate.