Kaelon Walker launches new website, Kaelon Walker Photography

Kaelon Walker, a multifaceted creator and product of Alcorn State University, combines artistry and entrepreneurship for his new creative venture.

Walker’s online business, Kaelon Walker Photography, launched Wednesday, Feb. 28. Walker’s services include weddings, engagements, graduations, family and maternity photography and much more.

The website is a culmination of Walker’s hard work and perseverance.

“After literally a year of set backs, I was finally able to dedicate the time to creating the perfect website for me,” said Walker, who earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Alcorn in 2013. “I must say, it feels amazing not only to have it completed, but also to see how well my family, friends and industry peers are receiving it.”

As Walker was wrapping up his college journey at Alcorn, he became so interested in taking photos that he enrolled in a photography class to learn the craft. That, along with the untimely passing of his older brother, made him realize the importance of capturing precious moments.

“I was drawn to photography during my senior year in college, so I decided to take a photography class as an elective. Shortly before graduating, my older brother passed away in a motorcycle accident. His death made me realize how few photos my family had. It was at that moment that I appreciated the importance of capturing moments in time.”

Walker has built an impressive photographic resume. Now that he has years of experience under his belt, he’s now passing along important gems to rising photographers.

“In order to master photography, you must first master self expression. You have to identify what it is that compels you to pick up a camera. After searching and identifying exactly what that is, you must then study the art. It is extremely important to understand how to get the proper exposure, lighting and pose. But, it is even more important to understand the technical aspect of photography and knowing when to let your creativity take control.”

The website is part of a renowned legacy that Walker plans to leave behind for his predecessors at the end of his journey.

“Your legacy will be determined by what you’re able to leave behind for the next generation. Whether that’s a business, land, finances or whatever; ownership is necessary.”

For more information about Kaelon Walker Photography, visit KaelonWalker.com.