All For One Faculty & Staff Campaign concludes with Victory Celebration

Supporters of Alcorn State University who generously donated funds for the betterment of the University were honored for their charitable efforts.

The All For One Faculty & Staff Campaign hosted a Victory Celebration Friday, April 20 in the Ecology and Natural Resource Center Conservatory to acknowledge those who support the University financially.

Beverly Adams, director for Student Services for the School of Business, said that she gives so that students can have a bright future at Alcorn.

"When I give to the foundation, I give to help our students prepare for tomorrow," said Barnes. "They are our future, and I want to do what I can to ensure their success."

LLJuna Weir, director of Educational Equity and Inclusion and campaign chair, thanked everyone for their service to Alcorn.

"Thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign," said Weir. "Whether you donated time or money, we appreciate your efforts to ensure the success and progress of our university. There are so many students who will reap the benefits of what we have done during this campaign."

Marcus Ward, vice president of Institutional Advancement, credited University faculty and staff for the success of the campaign.

"Thank you all for your support of our students and beloved Alcorn State University," said Ward. "I know that your money means a lot to you, so we appreciate you for all you have done to push the university forward."

Rosemary Hicks, director of Annual Fund and Advancement Services and campaign manager, also acknowledged the donators for their commitment. She also shared her inspiration for choosing to raise funds for students at historically black colleges and universities.

"What we do here is develop visionaries who can go out and execute, and I am here to make sure that our students have all the opportunities necessary for success," said Hicks. "I fundraise because I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate college, and because of what my alma mater (Tuskeegee University) did for me is the reason why I chose to raise funds for HBCU students."

The All For One committee members were recognized for the hard work they dedicated to the campaign at the end of the ceremony.

Committee members for the All For One Faculty & Staff Campaign and the ASU Foundation, Inc. are grateful for every donation. The Foundation encourages all Alcorn faculty, staff, alumni and friends to continue in their contributions to the University.