Psychology Society honors graduating seniors

The Alcorn State University School of Education and Psychology honored its 2018 graduates Thursday, April 19 in the Oakland Memorial Chapel. A total of 22 participants were honored during the ceremony. Rayford Mullins, 2017 Alcorn graduate, and former Psychology Society president delivered the keynote speech. 

Mullins encouraged the graduates to prepare for the future to ensure success.

"You have to take responsibility for your actions," said Mullins. "Only you can determine what the outcome will be. Your family, friends or associates aren't responsible for your actions. A dream wrote down with a date becomes a goal. When you put a date on something, you are working to accomplish something."

Mullins concluded by giving five steps to succeeding in life after college.

"Take charge for yourself. Dream big; if you aim for the moon, you can land on the stars. Believe in yourself; a lot of times there's a bridge between where we are and where we are going. Check your circle because those people can either help or hinder you. Keep going after accomplishing your dream."

Dr. Ivan Banks, interim dean for the School of Education and Psychology stated, "You have to claim your life and know life is yours. We are counting on you to make the strides toward accomplishing your goals."