Dr. Joey Mitchell receives credentials as a Board Certified Coach in Mississippi

Alcorn State University's Dr. Joey Mitchell continues to excel in his mission to lead others to their professional purpose.

Mitchell, who serves as director of Career Services and the Federal Diversity Program at Alcorn became the first Board Certified Coach (BCC) trained by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the state of Mississippi. Coaching is a growing, evidenced-based helping profession, which is goal oriented and solution focused.

Mitchell credits hard work for helping him to persevere on his journey.

"I feel as if weights have been lifted off of my shoulders," said Mitchell. "Coming from a counseling background made becoming a coach somewhat challenging, and the Board Certified Coach Exam was the most difficult exam I've taken yet. Becoming a BCC will provide the opportunity to educate others from theoretical approaches that are used outside of psychotherapy."

The new credentials positions Mitchell to assist other career services workers from different backgrounds.

"I understand everyone in the field does not come from a counseling background. Therefore, I wanted to acquire the skills needed to train individuals from other areas of study. The credential makes it easier to prepare individuals working in Career Services who may have a background in business or education. 

Mitchell also looks forward to using his expertise and newfound knowledge to help students in their professional development.

"I can assist students through a short-term egalitarian relationship as a coach or offer long-term expertise through career behavior methodology as a counselor. The certification is used for career, executive, life, and health and wellness coaching; therefore, as an administrator, I can utilize executive coaching skills to increase productivity and satisfaction, resolve conflict, and align individual talents with the mission of Alcorn State University."