Ahkenaton Furdge, Brian Rogers to study abroad in Thailand

Two sophomores and applied science majors at Alcorn State University will broaden their horizons by studying internationally this fall. 

Ahkenaton Furdge, a Clarksdale, Mississippi native studying electromechanical engineering and Brian Rogers, a Chester, Pennsylvania native studying biomedical engineering, will spend the fall 2018 semester studying abroad at Mahidol University in Thailand. The students are excited to set out on their journey.

"This opportunity is humbling," said Furdge. "I'm delighted that I can experience this at such an early stage in my college journey." 

"I'm excited to begin my studies," said Rogers. "I get to explore and learn simultaneously in different surroundings. I'm full of curiosity, and I've always wondered how people in other countries live their lives."

Seeing another part of the world and gaining experience in their field is what inspired Furdge and Rogers to take advantage of the opportunity to study outside the United States. 

"My love for traveling is what led me to study abroad. I started to consider the benefits this experience could have, and that finalized my decision. Mahidol is one of the top universities in Thailand. It will be amazing for me to receive training there," said Furdge.

"The abundance of advantages and possibilities that comes with studying abroad inspired me. International studies can be great for my resume. I can use the experience I gain to lay the groundwork for future international relationships. With so many benefits that come with studying abroad, it's unbelievable that I received this opportunity," said Rogers.

The students anticipate learning a new culture and stepping outside of their comfort zone. 

"I've been researching Bangkok a lot, and all of my sources talked about how the mangos were amazing. I'm also excited for the excursions my program will be taking," said Furdge.

"I look forward to immersing myself into the Thai culture. I want to learn the customs and formalities, ancient folklore, more about Buddhism and its origins, and so much more," said Rogers.

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