Alumni return to inspire STEM students

Three budding scientists who began their journey at Alcorn State University returned to give students advice on pursuing scientific careers.

Dr. Lillian Brady, Dr. Melanie McReynolds, and Dr. Reanna Roby were the guest speakers at the Stem is Lit: Radical Black Narratives of Becoming a Scientist event Friday, Nov. 16 in the Math and Science Building.

Dr. Melanie McReynolds, a Princeton University postdoctoral biochemistry researcher, spoke highly of the University and applauded her former professors for equipping her for a successful career in science.

“Every great opportunity I received was because of my time at Alcorn,” said McReynolds. “Alcorn prepared me for the trajectory that I’m currently on. This university provided me with the foundation to my success.”

Dr. Lillian Brady, an Academic Pathways postdoctoral research fellow at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, encouraged the students to assist each other on their pursuit of a scientific career.

“Your peers are your network,” said Brady. “One of my friends told me about the fellowship that I’m a part of now. Always look out for each other in whatever you do. You can collaborate and publish scientific papers together.”

Dr. Reanna Roby, who studies at Michigan State University inspired the students to pursue science to enforce a positive shift in the world.

“We don’t do science just for the money, we do it to survive,” said Roby. “We’re participating in science because we desire to make the world a better place now and in the future.”