Coney Dorsey, Go Live Entertainment, feed less fortunate families for Thanksgiving

With the help of his colleagues from Alcorn State University and his record label, Go Live Entertainment, Coney Dorsey spearheaded a charity event that fed hundreds in the Claiborne County area for Thanksgiving.

Dorsey and company delivered turkeys and boxes of food to over 60 families during the seventh annual Go Live Entertainment Thanksgiving Feed a Family Project Wednesday, Nov. 21. The boxes, which were provided by Piggly Wiggly in Port Gibson, were given to needy families around the county. 

Go Live Entertainment is a music, entertainment, and business record label that was established on March 3, 2011 by Dorsey, who is the label's founder, CEO, and artist. The label is not only an avenue for music artists to begin their career, but it is also a haven for love, unity, trust, brotherhood and community service. It is also responsible for many significant events in its headquarters' home, Port Gibson, and other neighboring cities and communities

Giving back to the community has always been one of Dorsey's goals. He's thankful to have a platform that provides him the opportunity to serve.

"It was a wonderful feeling to help families in their time of need," said Dorsey, a desktop support specialist with Alcorn's Center for Information Technology Services. "The joy that we see on the faces of the less fortunate is satisfying, and it inspires us to do more in the future. The smiles, the tears of joy, and the hugs that we get when we surprise them give a warm sensation to my heart."

Since Go Live Entertainment's introduction, the community has shown continual support to Dorsey and his label. Reaching out to help his supporters was a way for Dorsey to show his appreciation.

"The idea to feed families came from the enormous support that the label received from the community. In recognizing the platform and large following that the label had garnered, the team thought of ways to show its appreciation to the community. The Thanksgiving project was just one of many projects that the label decided to do to give back. It has been a huge success throughout the years."

With the initiative, Dorsey hopes to motivate others, especially the younger generation, to be change agents in their community.

"Unity and support from the community could have a positive effect on the youth. It gives us an opportunity to teach them life skills, moral and ethical values, networking skills, and it would inspire the youth to improve the quality of life for themselves and others. With these goals set, dreams can become realities and voices can be heard."