Tatyana Johnson finds her purpose in teaching children

For most of her life, Alcorn State University senior Tatyana Johnson has had a desire to serve others. After years of exploring how she would manifest her plans, she found her calling in shaping the minds of today's youth.

"I always wanted to give back to the community growing up," said Johnson, a Walnut Grove, Mississippi native. "As I got older, I realized that I could achieve my goal by instilling in children the knowledge they need to be successful in life."

After years of training in Alcorn's Department of Child Development, Johnson is eager to receive a bachelor's degree during Saturday's 2018 Fall Commencement.

As Johnson pictured her upcoming highlight and reflected on what it took for her to reach her moment, she was filled with emotion.

"Words can't truly describe how I feel about graduating this week. This has been a long journey, and I owe it all to the man above."

Johnson spent her time working with pre-school children at Alcorn's Child Development Learning Center, where she honed her skills. The reaction she received from the children is one she will never forget.

"My reassurance came from hearing the pre-school children tell me that I was a great teacher. I realized, at that moment, that I must have done something right. It made me want to continue being a positive influence in the lives of children."

A career in child development will offer a variety of employment options for Johnson. Whichever direction she picks, she's confident that her impact will be significant.

"Child development has many career paths. Therefore, I know that whatever path I choose will allow me to leave a meaningful impact on children. I enjoy helping children to accomplish their goals."

Johnson credits the Department staff for their help and the knowledge they've imparted on her.

"This has been a fun learning experience. This department has helped prepare me for my field. This department has given me the tools I need to help address the concerns and problems of families, individuals, and the community in a professional manner."