ROTC students receive top honors

Grades typically come in a week after a semester concludes. It is no secret that making dean’s list is no easy feat let alone becoming a president’s scholar. However, some ROTC students made it seem effortless.

The Department of Military Science held a special ceremony honoring those who were named to the President’s Scholars List for the fall 2018 semester. Janine K. Hume-Dawson, a 21-year-old senior psychology major from Waverly Hall, Georgia is one of the award recipients. “I remember jumping for joy,” she said. “It was also relieving because I wanted to do well this semester.” 

Dawson also described the process of making the president’s list for the second consecutive time. “A certain level of focus goes into it, especially when you are involved in several organizations,” she said. “You have to be aware of all deadlines and due dates and you’re also not doing assignments last minute either.”

The future 2nd LT. in the United States Army plans on returning for graduate school in fall 2020 and have ambitions on becoming a military clinical psychologist. “I have to balance that and classes,” she said. “It can be stressful at times.”

Alongside Dawson is 22-year-old senior elementary education major, RoMyrus Preston of Hollandale, Mississippi. “It’s definitely an honor to receive such a quality education at one of the best institutions in Mississippi,” he said. “I’m proud to say that all of my accomplishments are because of the university’s ability to employ some the best professors in Mississippi.”

The future teacher, who was accepted into the Teach for America 2019 Corp, has a busy summer to look forward to. “I will train with greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas Team,” he said. “I am also on track to start teaching in August. Additionally, I will commission as a 2nd LT in the United States Army.” 

The duo presented sound advice to those who are in ROTC and in other organizations. The message was simple, just keep going. “Be passionate, be dedicated, and strive for excellence,” Dawson said. “You only go through college once. You have the opportunity to foster great relationships with people who can help you after you graduate.”

Preston further confirmed the message by giving a few pointers on how to stay ahead of the game. “Students should always be prepared,” he said. “Get assignments done at least two days in advance. Always show school spirit.”

Despite the obstacles that the winners of this award face on a daily basis, it does not detour their spirits. In fact, it seems to motivate them, even more, to make sure that the job is done and done completely.