HBCU Tour rolls through Alcorn

The HBCU Tour arrived at Alcorn State University Wednesday, Jan. 30. As expected the event was a success and gave mass communications majors something to look forward to this summer and after that.

The event began with host Merecedes Jackson introducing the keynote speaker, 97.9 FM’s DJ Bigg V. From there, the disc jockey gave the spectators an earful on how to prepare for what’s to come in their future.

“Mainly focus and find someone who wants to mentor you,” he said. “I did anything to be around a studio. I forced my way in.”

Bigg V also told his audience that he understood the pressure and how hard it was for him early in his career, and he would do anything he can to make the transition easier for those who are interested in the business. 

The DJ credited his surroundings as his greatest inspiration.

“The greatest influence in my career, there’s this pastor that lives in South Carolina,” he said. “That led to my surroundings, which is my greatest influence.”

The students of mass communications and several other majors were able to network and while helping their classmates shake some of the nerves that may have had.

“There is an opportunity to make money in the field,” said Nedrick Taplin II, a 21-year-old mass communications student who is in his sophomore year. “We put in the work, start now, improve the craft, and sharpen the edges.”

The speakers during separate Q&A segments gave students looking to pursue a specific path well-rounded advice on how to get started.

“Do as much as you can,” said WTVA reporter Kayla Thompson. “Always remember to take care of yourself.”

At the end day, the students walked away with a positive attitude about thier future careers in journalism.