The International Organization of Black Security Executives visits Alcorn

On the days of Feb. 19 and 20, Alcorn State University hosted a two-day event for the International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE). Organized by Alcorn alumna Kim Hooper, the workshop is designed to help bridge the students into their field.

Hooper is a former Brave who served as Student Government Association (SGA) president back in 1999. She now works as one of the chief executive loss prevention agents at Wal-Mart. IOBSE is designed to help bridge the students into the work field. 

Among the many aiding Hooper with the event was Alcorn’s Alfred Galtney. 

“The opportunity is absolutely priceless,” he said. “They look for students that are assertive and intelligent.” 

The IOBSE offers different opportunities that the students may enjoy and even more importantly, it could offer opportunities after they have graduated. 

“Normally, companies look for people who have experience,” said Galtney. “They look for those who have advanced degrees. These are normally opportunities that these companies are usually looking for.” 

At the presentation, education was stressed and that it was a factor in separating careers from jobs. 

“Education provides an opportunity that other things can’t do,” Galtney said. “The point was made that students should pursue a career when they graduate and to not settle for just a job.” 

IOBSE is interested in those who have the desire and the passion to work. 

“I think students should take options of what the university provides,” he said. “They should take advantage of the interview options that are provided. I don’t think they should stop there, they should go to faculty, professors, and advisors and talk to them in order to receive interview techniques.”