An Alcorn State University staff member from the Office of Global Programs recently achieved one of her lifetime goals.

Peggi Wolfe, who serves as a global programs specialist, is a weekly viewer of the CBS Sunday Morning Show. While watching the show one morning, she made one observation: the sun logo that is used on the show goes through plenty of designs such as paintings, sketches, eggshells, etc., because people who also view the show send in their designs of the logo so that the producers can showcase their art on the weekly show.

Wolfe is an expert at creating fractal art on her computers. She explained that fractal art is a type of art that is made using mathematical equations. The programs used to create it is similar to programs that develop animations or CGI for films. When she found out that she could submit her design of the sun to the Morning Show, Wolfe decided to send a fractal sun that she made weeks before. It was a late response, but a producer of the show contacted Peggi and told her that she loved her creation and that they were going to use it.

“Since I have been a viewer for a long time, I was blown away and beyond ecstatic when seeing my sun for those few seconds on the show,” she said.

What made Wolfe more excited was when the show displayed her art for a second time. One week, the CBS Sunday Morning show focused on the new Temptations Broadway show. She has been a huge fan of the Temptations since the group first started as the Elgin’s. So, for her to see her sun once gain on the show while they showcased the Temptations on Broadway blew her away once again.

“I recommend giving fractal art a try just for a hobby and see where it takes you next. Me being good at it has made me a lot of extra money on the side just by posting all of my best art on social media,” she said.

She continues to do fractal art as a hobby and even lets people use her designs for items, merchandise, murals, and new logos all while still working with international students at Alcorn.