Dr. Catrina Pullum talks surviving, mistakes and speaking up at Sexual Assault Awareness Symposium

On Thursday April 11 at the Ray Johnson Assembly Center Agriculture Extension Building, The Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion /Title IX collaborated with the Office of Athletic Academic Services and Compliance to host the annual Sexual Assault Awareness Day Symposium with guest speaker, Dr. Catrina Pullum. Dr. Pullum, also known as “The Chain Breaker” is a noted visionary, speaker, author and philanthropist. The event brought awareness to sexual assault, domestic violence and steps individuals can take to protect themselves.

A sexual assault survivor, Dr. Pullum spoke about her experience of being assaulted at age 12 along with the trials and tribulations she faced throughout her journey to overcome her abuse. Pullum, who currently traveling the nation on her “Broken Pieces Beautifully Made” Tour sharing her story through intimate conversations on college campuses throughout the nation to help those that have been impacted by sexual assault.

The symposium was enhanced with Pullum’s guest Asante McGee, an author and advocate for those that have been affected by assault. McGee shared her story of the assault she faced and the obstacles she has overcome. Taea Jackson, a sophomore from Baton Rouge, Louisiana stated “This event was very informative and necessary. Students really need to know and understand the resources they have available here on campus to report sexual assault as well as what they can do to prevent it.”       

Pullum stated, “They don’t call me the chain breaker for no reason. I’m going to step outside of the box. I never like to be placed inside of the box and I like to teach others that.”

 Pullum expressed the importance of using your voice despite the barriers that you might face, and that change doesn’t start until you speak out on the issues that are occurring.

Jessica Ransom, a junior from Houston, Texas stated, “I’m really happy to see our university taking the necessary steps to raise awareness about sexual assault. I really hope we can continue to move forward and do more for the education, safety, and comfortability of our students and those that may be survivors.

In closing, LLJuna Weir, Director of Educational Equity and Inclusion/Title IX stated, “Today, we brought forward two powerful speakers so that students can learn from the challenges they have faced, the mistakes they have made and to steps to take so that it won’t happen again”.