Alcorn alumnus Dr. Charles Magee awarded patent for personal cooling system

An Alcorn State University alumnus’ dedication to creating products to better society has received a patent for one of his creations that would benefit those who are active in high temperatures.

Dr. Charles Magee, who earned a bachelor’s degree in general agriculture in 1970, was awarded a patent for his invention of a solar adiabatic cooling apparatus. The device that Magee calls a solar evaporative cooling vest was created to provide cooling for individuals in tropical environments. The apparatus is designed for a person’s upper body to cool the surrounding ambient air 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I envision users such as soldiers, football teams, fans at outdoor sporting events, hikers, forest fire fighters, landscape, and field workers would benefit from my product because it will allow them to stay cool and more comfortable while they work in the sun,” said Magee, who serves as a biological systems engineering professor at Florida Agricultural  & Mechanical University.

Magee is known for his creative ability. His latest invention is his seventh creation to be awarded a patent. Currently, five of his creations, an anti-icing/reflective apparatus for automobile windshields and windows, osmotic bandage, an osmotic process and system for food production, and a process and system for rehydration, disinfection, sanitation, storage, and shipping of produce and flowers, have pending patents.

A critical factor in Magee’s motivation to invent a personal cooling system is the recorded instances of football players collapsing and even dying as a result of overheating and heat strokes. He feels that his product could put an end to such happenings.

“There is an abundance of high school, college, and professional football teams that could take advantage of this cooling system to prevent heat exhaustion during games and practices. There have been cases where players have collapsed due to heat exhaustion, and some have lost their lives due to heat strokes, which is one of my reasons for developing this creation. This invention could be a lifesaver.”

Magee currently is working on developing a prototype for his invention to test its functionality.