Dr. Mitchell Shears promoted to associate vice president for Student Success at Jackson State University

An Alcorn State University alumnus with a proven track record of success has earned a promotion for his commitment to education.

Dr. Mitchell Shears, who earned both bachelor's and master's degrees in mass communication (1999) and elementary education (2001) began his new role as associate vice president for Student Success at Jackson State University. The new role puts Shears in position to lead a team that is focused on the betterment of JSU's student body.

"I see this chapter as an opportunity to create programs and initiatives consistent with the institution's strategic plan," said Shears. "This is a unique chapter that will allow us to focus on creating a robust system that provides a clear roadmap for student success with someone monitoring their progress and offering intentional support services to ensure their success."

Along with his latest appointment, Shears will remain the school's executive director of Title III, a role he's held since October 2017. Before his transition to JSU, he served as an academic dean and executive director of Title III and Sponsored Grants at Hinds Community College in Utica, Mississippi.

Shears' hard work and ability to lead caught the attention of officials at JSU, which led to his promotion. In every initiative, Shears makes it a goal to do exceptional work that will lay a path for his future.

"I've always believed that every day I'm preparing for a new role in the future. Therefore, I do my best to be a good follower by believing in and implementing the vision of leadership. This perspective has allowed me to be elevated throughout my career."

Helping students to reach their potential is a priority for Shears, which why he plans to be relentless in creating ways that prepare students for graduation and beyond.

"This new chapter is not about me, and how I feel, rather it is an opportunity to impact the lives of students and their families. I want to have an impact on the lives of students by creating safe spaces to retain students. The ultimate goal is to put groundbreaking initiatives in place that will equip students to receive a bachelor's degree and pursue graduate school or the workforce."