Brave Trailblazers: Alcorn’s Student Government Association inaugurates four females as class presidents for the first time in school history

With the inauguration of four female class presidents, the rise of female leaders continues at Alcorn State University.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its annual SGA Cabinet Inauguration Tuesday, Oct. 8, in the Clinton Bristow Dining Facility Gold Room. For the first time in Alcorn SGA history, four female students were sworn in as class presidents.

The trailblazing group of young women expressed their pride in setting an example for Alcornite women of the future. Tytiana Smith, senior class president, said that the inauguration and experience is one that she’s thankful to be a part of.

“This experience is blissful,” said Smith. “Being inaugurated as one of four female SGA class presidents and making history at this great university was simply amazing. I am grateful to God for this opportunity to serve my university and the student body.”

Taea Jackson, junior class president, echoed Smith’s sentiments. Not only is she proud of leaving a historic mark at Alcorn, but also she’s happy to be one of the university’s highest-ranking student body leaders.

“Being a part of Alcorn’s Student Government Association is an honor in itself, but for it to be all female presidents is amazing,” said Jackson. “It is truly a blessing to make history while being of service to this university.”

The foundation is being laid for future Alcornite women to lead the student body to prominence. Janajah Ford, sophomore class president, believes their significant appointments will usher in several female leaders in the future.

“I believe that we will inspire future Alcornite women by showing young women that the sky is the limit and anything is possible,” said Ford. “We want young girls to know that they can do anything that they dream of, no matter their gender. I feel that the lead we have taken in becoming class presidents shows others that they too can possess the tools to follow in our footsteps.”

Tazmeir Johnson, freshman class president, is one of many people in her family to attend and graduate from Alcorn. To begin her journey by becoming a part of this historical group of young women is a significant start to her rise as a student.

“This is a meaningful moment for me,” said Johnson. “My ancestors and immediate family are a part of Alcorn’s great history. I am happy to start my path and continue my family legacy by becoming a part of something that will be remembered forever. Me being one of four female class presidents means a lot to not only me but also my family.”

The woman who made it possible for these women to serve as student body leaders left them with essential advice for their journey. The honorable Lillie Blackmon Sanders, Alcorn’s first female SGA president and current judge in Adams County, shared her wisdom with the SGA cabinet.

“I encourage you to be the best student leaders you can be,” said Sanders. “Either you do your best or do nothing at all. People are looking at you to set an example for the student body. Remember to be an advocate for Alcorn, and take good care of the university. And most of all put God first and everything else will fall into place