Hard work earns Charrain Fairley the 2019 Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi Scholarship

A nursing student’s strong academic performance at Alcorn State University’s School of Nursing has led to a significant achievement.

Charraine Fairley, a senior from Collins, Mississippi, was recently awarded the Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi (EPRNM) District VI Undergraduate Scholarship.

EPRNM is named after Eliza Farish Pillars, who was the first African-American nurse appointed to the Mississippi State Department of Health. EPRNM is an organization dedicated to excellence in healthcare and supports nurses statewide. Nurses from six geographical districts in the state make up membership in the organization. District VI consists of the Natchez area.

Becoming this year’s recipient furls Fairley’s desire to help other students pursue nursing careers in the future.

“I am pleased and appreciative to receive this scholarship,” said Fairly. “The generosity of the scholarship program inspires me to help others and give back to my community. I hope to help students along their journey to becoming registered nurses, just like the scholarship program has helped me.”

Before pursuing a nursing degree, Fairley was on a different path in another field of study. Back in 2014, she received her first bachelor’s degree in biology from the university. She decided to return and pursue a second bachelor’s in nursing after realizing her passion for helping others.

“After getting my first bachelor’s degree, I was given a chance to work as a nurse technician alongside seasoned registered nurses back home. I learned that I loved assisting the nurses as they provided care for their patients. That opportunity showed me that being a nurse is my purpose.”

The School of Nursing has produced quality medical professionals over the years. Fairley acknowledged the School’s success and expressed her pride in being one of the next accomplished nurses who studied at Alcorn.

“Alcorn has a rich history of preparing future healthcare professionals to leave their mark in the medical field. It is such a great honor to learn from these highly esteemed nursing professors. Their guidance is the reason why I am this year’s scholarship recipient.”

After graduation, Fairley hopes to work as an intensive care nurse. She also aspires to become a nurse practitioner, earn a doctorate, and participate in missions that impact underserved communities.

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