Alcorn’s Willie Mims' poster places 13th out of 500 presentations at ASHS International Student Competition

The American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) is recognized as one of the most respected and influential professional societies for horticultural scientists. This past summer, the organization held its 2019 annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With thousands of members worldwide, this international society is committed to promoting and encouraging national and international interest in scientific research and education in all branches of horticulture. It represents a broad segment of the horticultural community including scientists, educators, students, extension agents and industry professionals.

Willie Mims, Alcorn field technician and undergraduate plant and soil sciences major, competed in the poster competition and ranked 13th place out of 500 contributors. The title of his submission was the Effect of Composted Animal Waste on Muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) Production on a Heavy Soil.

In addition to his previously stated roles, Mims also serves as the farm manager for the Center for Conservation Research. He recalls the competition as being insightful and educational, and hopes to use all that he learned to better serve the students and farmers at the Center.

“This is a great achievement for Mr. Mims and Alcorn,” said Dr. Girish Panicker, advisor and director of conservation research. “Willie came to Alcorn as a laborer and has made outstanding achievements at national and international levels within a limited period of time. He is a role model for all American youth.”

“I feel that I accomplished something that my kids would be proud of,” said Mims, who is a father of two. His future goals include furthering his education in agronomy and obtaining a more lucrative career in agriculture.