Teamwork, preparation earn Alcorn students second-place finish at the HBCU Career Development Marketplace competition

Students from Alcorn State University showcased exceptional intellectual skills by placing high in a recent career development competition for Historically Black College and University students.

Alcorn's Office of Career Services recently participated in the 12th HBCU Career Development Marketplace in Baltimore, Maryland, where a group of 13 students earned a second-place finish in the conference’s oral speech competition. The conference is designed for junior and senior HBCU students to have the opportunity to meet potential employers, engage in workshops, hear from inspiring speakers and network with over 140 companies to jumpstart their careers. The competition required students to create a presentation on the effect of BREXIT on the United States and Britain. BREXIT is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

With their exceptional finish, the students proved that Alcorn is consistently producing high-quality students equipped for success in corporate America. Shakeria Anderson, a senior business administration major, spoke confidently about her teammate’s preparation for their big moment.

“Our second-place finish assured us and everyone else that Alcorn has an abundance of students who can stand amongst others and shine,” said Anderson. “Our performance was a testament to our work ethic and desire to be great.”

The students gave credit to their educational experiences at Alcorn for preparing them to compete with some of the best young minds in the country and beyond. Stephen Ware, a senior computer networking and information systems major, credits the countless team-building exercises and group projects he participates in at the university for his team’s victory.

“I think the key to our success was teamwork,” said Ware. “I have done a lot of group assignments at Alcorn, and I’m sure that those experiences have made it easy for me to adapt and work well with others regardless of different personalities or work habits.”

For HBCU students, having the opportunity to display their knowledge and talents is essential for their progress in the professional world. Trinity Jones, a junior social sciences education major, is grateful for the chance for her peers to attract the attention of entities searching to add talent to their companies.

“Events that focus on HBCU students are important because we need more opportunities to showcase our talents,” said Jones. “This was the perfect place for us to show our abilities to companies around the country.”

The students made a significant impression on many of the professionals that were in attendance. Felecia Pittman, director of Career Services, acknowledged the great work the students did and how their talent caught the eyes of various company representatives that participated in the conference.

“I’m proud of our students,” said Pittman. “They worked hard to ensure that they represented themselves and Alcorn well. Their performance was impressive, and they wowed employers at the career fair. The various employers and professionals all commented on how impressed they were with Alcorn’s scholars and how they are interested in working with us in the future.”