Alcorn continues the Digital Clearance Process for students participating in Fall 2019 Commencement

Alcorn State University is continuing its efforts to streamline the exit clearance processes for seniors to complete graduation requirements.

E-clearance, a paperless clearance process that was implemented in 2017, allows degree applicants who have fulfilled all degree requirements and has no account holds to be cleared for commencement. Because of this method, students no longer have to commute to campus, gain signatures, or stand in line to be cleared for graduation.

Students with any holds should resolve them immediately by Monday, Dec. 2. to prevent graduation clearance delays.

Dr. John Igqebuike, interim provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs, spoke about how the online clearance process shows the innovation that’s happening at Alcorn.

“The E-clearance process represents an evolutionary change in Alcorn’s ongoing digital renaissance,” said Igwebuike. “We can electronically deliver amazing customer service that meets our students’ unique needs.”

Tytiana Smith, who serves as Miss Senior on the Student Government Association cabinet, spoke highly of the online process and how it benefits prospective graduates.

“The online clearance process is an easy way for seniors to complete all of their required paperwork to be cleared for graduation,” said Smith. “The student body is happy to know that the university has implemented a simpler process for graduating seniors to follow for a smooth transition.”

President Dr. Felecia M. Nave said that the clearance process is Alcorn’s way of showing that they care for its future alumni.

“We are fulfilling our goal to make graduation as easy as possible for our graduating seniors,” said Nave. “This process gives students confidence that Alcorn has their best interest at heart. We will continue to strive to make the road to graduation as comfortable as possible.”

Students can log into BANNER or visit to view their status.