Dr. Girish Panicker Elected to Southern Cover Crop Council Board of Directors

In 1980, Dr. Girish Panicker set out to pursue a professional career in agriculture. Since then, he has flourished in his profession by holding many titles, winning various awards, and becoming a world-renowned agricultural scientist. Currently, Panicker serves as an associate professor and director of conservation research at Alcorn, a position he has held since 1999.

Panicker was recently elected to serve as a board member for the Southern Cover Crop Council (SCCC). The SCCC is an international organization whose mission is to facilitate and enhance communication and collaboration among producers, extension, researchers, and other agricultural professionals, and transfer information and technology to promote the successful adoption and integration of cover crops into southern agriculture systems. During his three-year term, Panicker will be responsible for increasing cover crop use through collaborative education and research as well as contributing to the agricultural wellness of the U.S. Southern region.

“This is a great way to recognize the outstanding conservation research conducted here at Alcorn,” said Panicker. “This position will help me utilize the invaluable information we’ve generated within the last three decades for the benefits of universities and farming communities around the globe to prevent climate change and protect our planet.”

A distinguished scientist, he credits one of his greatest accomplishments as receiving the Pride of India Award from his home country, which recognized him for his achievements both within and outside of the nation.

In the future, Panicker, who is already deeply involved in collaborating with universal organizations, plans to continue his collaborative research programs at an international level to keep the Earth and all of its inhabitants healthy.

For more information, contact Panicker at 601.877.6598 or [email protected]. To learn more about the Southern Cover Crop Council, visit www.southerncovercrops.org