Alcorn recognizes new Staff Senators during virtual induction ceremony

The rebirth of a former organization at Alcorn State University will provide a platform to Alcornites to address ways to further enhance the University experience.

Thirty-one members officially began their tenure in Alcorn’s Staff Senate during the Staff Senate Virtual Induction Ceremony Thursday, July 30 via Zoom.

The Staff Senate provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and a mechanism for expressing suggestions and concerns that affect the University in a positive and constructive manner. The Senate’s goal is to enhance the work environment through active engagement in professional development, community service, and the shared governance of the institution.

President Felecia M. Nave is confident in the new Staff Senate. She believes in their ability to steer the University into the future.

“The newly appointed Senate members care deeply about the betterment of our University, which is why they were chosen to be leaders that will encourage an enhanced experience on campus,” said Nave. “I look to collaborating with these exceptional employees.”

Tasha Johnson-Brown, president of the Staff Senate, looks forward to helping to uplift and create improvements to the Alcorn working experience.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the executive committee and newly elected representatives of the Staff Senate,” said Brown. “The Senate serves an advisory group to President Nave to advocate and discuss the staffs’ role in the total University ecosystem. We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and a mechanism for expressing suggestions and concerns that affect the University ad staff in a positive and constructive manner. Our goal is to enhance the work environment and our productivity through active engagement in professional development, community service, and the shared governance of the institution.”

The Senate hopes to build upon the skills that Alcorn personnel possesses. Janelle Watts, the Senate’s vice president, spoke about the talent amongst Alcorn students and employees and how the organization’s goal is to maximize the University’s potential.

“I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve Alcorn State University in this critical initiative to strengthen our campus,” said Watts. “Alcorn has a dynamic and inclusive community that is committed to fostering excellence in our students, faculty, and staff.”

The members are excited to see the organization be brought back to life on campus. Casey Mock, the secretary/treasurer, anticipates using the platform to build stronger bonds at Alcorn.

“The Staff Senate has been dormant for quite some time, so I am excited to restart this organization,” said Mock. “The work we do will build a stronger sense of community among the staff so that we can better serve our students and the Alcorn community as a whole.”

Revitalizing the Senate also gives Alcornites an opportunity to give their opinions on how to improve the University. Shannon Goff, Senate ombudsman, believes that having the Senate back on campus is a great way for students, faculty, and staff to discuss the University’s future.

“Employees need to know that they have a voice to express concerns and issues that are important to them,” said Goff. “Reactivating the Senate will help make a difference for all employees. It is a privilege to have a hand in helping to ensure that staff contributions are recognized.”

After decades of service to the University, Calvin Broomfield, Senate parliamentarian, is thrilled to be one of the leading voices for and enhanced Alcorn experience.

“I have been employed at Alcorn for 40 years, and I have found that there is no place like it,” said Broomfield. “It is indeed an honor to be selected by my peers to serve on a committee established to ensure that all voices are heard at Alcorn.”

Below is the complete list of Alcorn 2020-2022 Staff Senate Representatives by division:


Janelle Watts, Staff Senate Vice President

Lamar Scott, Admissions and Recruiting (2)

Valeria Harris, Residence Life (1)

Judy Webster, Student Affairs (2)

Keith Williams, Student Engagement (1)

Khyla Barnes, Counseling Services (2)

Shuwanda Ford, Financial Aid (1)



Tasha Brown, Staff Senate President

LeKisha Carr, Finance & Admin (2)

Shundera Stallings, Athletics/Finance & Admin (1)

Sherry Carradine, Center for Information & Technology (2)

Dwantra Anderson, Human Resources (1)

Carolyn Jackson, Campus Police (2)

Windell Harried, Facilities Management (1)

Barry Thompson, Facilities Management (2)

Dan Davis, Facilities Management (1)



Calvin Broomfield, Staff Senate Parliamentarian

Belinda Smith, Graduate Studies (2)

Carolyn Banks, ASU Cooperative Extension (1)

Zandra Lowe, Global Programs (2)

Deidre Knox, Agriculture, Extension and Applied Sciences (1)

Erica Bridges-Chatman, School of Nursing (2)

Rogena Jones, Social Sciences (1)

Dexter Howard, Vicksburg Expansion (2)

Senobia Rogers, Title III (1)

Patrice Savoy, University Libraries (2)

Roy Burr, Student Support Services (1)



LaKenya Davis-Howard, Office of the President (2)



Jalisa Hunter, Athletics (1)



Casey Mock, Staff Senate Secretary/Treasurer



Shannon Goff, Staff Senate Ombudsman

The numbers indicate the years of service that each Staff Senate member has served.