Willie Moses retires from Alcorn after 45 years

Another Alcorn State University employee has entered retirement after a long career at the University.

Willie Moses, who last served as the director for the James L. Bolden Campus Union, retired from the University after 45 years of service.

As Moses reflected on his tenure, he’s grateful for his experience with the University.

“It feels wonderful to have been a part of the Alcorn family for so many years,” said Moses.

Interacting with thousands of students and employees was one of many highlights of Moses’ career. He credits those who have played a role in Alcorn’s success over the years.

“A university has a certain immortality about it. It belongs to no one, yet it belongs to everyone, and it transcends time. Working with students, faculty, and staff has been a joy for me.”

It’s his humble beginnings that prepared Moses for his journey at Alcorn. He credits the University for the completion of his professional development.

“My parents, faith, high school, and community prepared me for the challenges I have faced at Alcorn, both as a student and an administrator. Alcorn finished shaping the mold that was started long before I arrived here.”

Students are the lifeline of the University, which is why Moses feels honored to have been of service to them.

“I will always cherish the fellowship, friendships, and relationships spawned throughout the years. The co-curricular support of students in a university setting has been the highlight of my professional life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Moses often quotes Mahatma Gandhi's saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” He applies this to the changes he’s seen at Alcorn due to the talented people that graced the campus. He believes that more bright students and the advancement of technology will lead the University into the future.

“The world has always changed one person at a time. It is the same with Alcorn because Alcornites and friends have always sent the best scholars from all walks of life. I believe Alcorn is poised to make a huge leap forward through its surge in online education. I believe that technology has always been the gateway to a boundless future.”

A member of the Moses family has been at Alcorn since 1950. When Moses thinks of the University, he thinks of family.

“There has been a Moses at Alcorn since 1950 when my late uncle O. W. Moses enrolled as a freshman. When he got his foot in the door, he held it open for his family, friends, and many students. He began his career at Alcorn in 1954 and gave 29 years of service to the University as a business manager/ chief financial officer. All nine siblings in my family followed him to Alcorn. That’s what Alcorn means to me.”