Students march to the polls on Election Day

Alcorn State University’s Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex was filled with eager students waiting to cast their votes for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Students from around campus marched to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 3, to exercise their right to vote. Poll workers and University officials made sure to provide a safe voting experience for students by implementing social distancing rules and mandatory face coverings.

Alyson Sherley, a sophomore biology major from Chicago, Illinois, showed her pride in using her power to vote to affect change in the country.

“My voting experience at Alcorn was great,” said Sherley. “This is my first time voting. I feel accomplished because I finally got the chance to help better my country by casting my vote. I’m glad that I was able to experience this at Alcorn with my peers.”

Nicholas Burks, a junior computer technology major from Jackson, Mississippi, had anticipated his voting experience in a presidential election since his teenage years. Now that his chance has arrived, he’s thankful for the opportunity to cast his vote alongside fellow Alcornites.

“For years, I’ve wanted to vote but couldn’t because I was underage,” said Burks. “Now that I’m old enough, I have the chance to exercise my right to vote, and it feels amazing. Marching to the polls with my peers today felt special because we fulfilled our ancestors' dreams, who fought for us to have the right to vote. I’ll always cherish this experience.”

Aerial Hoskins, a freshman mass communication major from Louisville, Mississippi, praised everyone who helped navigate her first voting experience.

“It was fun learning about all of the candidates’ policies and how they plan to change things for the better if elected,” said Hoskins. “All of the poll workers and my peers with voting experience were very helpful in guiding me through my first voting experience. I enjoyed making my voice heard.”

Jimmy Jones, a senior agriculture major from Edwards, Mississippi, admired his peers' unity while heading to the polls and voting. He described the moment as historic.

“It felt exhilarating to be a part of a monumental election,” said Jones. “It felt great to see my peers at Alcorn rally together to voice their thoughts and opinions. I felt that I was a part of history in the making.”