Dr. Girish Panicker Receives Organic Achievement Award from the American Society of Agronomy

Dr. Girish Panicker, professor and director of Conservation Research, was recently honored with the 2020 Organic Achievement Award from the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) during its international annual meeting, held virtually November 9-13. Sponsored by the ASA Organic Management Systems Community, this award acknowledges leadership and accomplishments in education and research that advance and contribute to the organic agricultural community.

“This is one of the greatest achievements of my career,” said Panicker, who is thrilled to be nationally recognized for his contributions within the past two decades. “I have been a member of the ASA for 37 years, and I must say that I am honored to have received one of the most prestigious awards that this society offers.”

Panicker was among four shortlisted recipients and was carefully elected by the ASA community through an online poll of nominated candidates.

A majority of his research interests stem from working in organic and sustainable agriculture systems. His past and current studies have focused extensively on understanding how cropping and management practices affect erosion rates with a special emphasis in cover-management factor (C-factor) calculation and residue management.

Some of his most notable achievements include increasing Vitamin C levels in organic blueberries for public consumption, collaborating with U.S. Army scientists to produce a premier organic fertilizer, and getting Alcorn’s organic muscadine vineyard selected by the United States Department of Agriculture for soil health studies.

Not only has Panicker contributed significantly to the organic field of research, but he has educated and mentored students both locally and globally, helping them to learn organic practices and produce organic food.