Amar Weir hosts event for the release of his first book

A student at Alcorn State University is on the fast track to a career as an author with the release of his first book.

Amar Weir, a senior business administration major from Natchez, Mississippi, hosted an event for the release of his book, “Coming into the Fullness of Jesus Christ: Knowing Your Identity,” Tuesday, March 30, in the Medgar Evers Village Complex B Multipurpose Room. During the event, students received signed copies by Weir as they supported his accomplishment.

In the book, Weir talks about spiritual awareness and turning to faith to help one navigate throughout life.

As Weir celebrated the completion of his milestone, he reflected on the process of writing his book and explained where his inspiration to tell his story.

“It was an incredible feeling,” said Weir. “I never thought that I would write a book, but God was my motivation. I believe that if you put your mind on completing a goal, then you can be successful.”

Ministering to others is how Weir expresses his love for faith and spirituality. He spreads words of hope to those on Alcorn’s campus, in surrounding communities, and on social media. Years of motivational speaking helped Weir with the content of his book.

“I’ve been ministering for a couple of years now. A few years ago, I was inspired by God to write a book about spiritual identity and tapping into the fullness of faith. My goal was to have a pure heart and to be in a pure place spiritually before writing this book. It took a couple of years to finish it but was completed in God’s perfect timing.”

Support for a fellow Alcornite was on display during the event, as Weir reflected on his peers’ support of his endeavor. He appreciates the encouragement from his Alcorn family.

“It was unbelievable. My peers came and received books from me. I had lots of support.”