Lieutenant Colonel Christian Newton becomes battalion commander for the Army’s 8th Special Troops Battalion in Hawaii

Working at Alcorn State University was an experience like none other for former Department of Military Science professor Lieutenant Colonel Christian Newton. The fun family atmosphere, dedicated faculty, and caring leadership are qualities Newton enjoyed while working at the University.

“I dreamt of being a professor of military science since I was a cadet at the University of South Alabama from 1998-2002,” said Newton. “I was a bit culture-shocked when I arrived at Alcorn in fall 2018, especially during my first ‘Chicken Wednesday’ experience. While on campus, I experienced the tapestry of our culture as African Americans that I’ve never experienced before. Serving at Alcorn was like the theme song from the TV show ‘Cheers: Where everybody knows your name.’ The faculty and administrators really care about the students and their experience at Alcorn.”

Newton will carry her good memories of Alcorn with her to her next assignment as battalion commander of the 8th Special Troops Battalion in Honolulu, Hawaii. Newton leaves the University after nearly three years of service.

As she transitions into her next Army assignment, she plans to apply the skills she learned at Alcorn to her next leadership role. She expressed gratitude to the University for better equipping her to serve this country.

“My experience at Alcorn prepared me to be a strategic thinker and networker. I’ve developed partnerships with people and agencies I wouldn’t have imagined three years ago. As the future commander of an Army watercraft unit, these strategies will increase my ability to lead and build solid relationships to accomplish the Battalion’s mission.”

Grooming young cadets for military success and working with her colleagues are highlights that Newton will forever replay in her mind.

“I enjoyed the cadets and the team I worked with the most. The members of the Department of Military Science are unique, but there are two things we have in common; our desire to serve our country and developing the Army’s future leaders. There is brilliance harvested from this great institution, and I’m glad to be a part of its history.”

Although it saddens Newton to leave her Alcorn family, she’s confident in the team and students who will carry on and honor the department's legacy.

“I will miss my students. Their humor, inquisition, and desire to learn inspired me. I will miss our ‘Ask me anything’ Q&A sessions when I allowed the cadets to ask me any questions they’d like without judgment. I will also miss the faculty and staff. We became a family, so saying bye, for now, was like the closing season of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ I shed a tear of sadness but also tears of joy knowing they will carry on the legacy of the Department on campus.”