Senior Emmanuel Arthur interns with Adobe in Boston

Summer internships are in progress, and one Alcorn State University senior is striving to turn his internship with one of the world’s leading tech companies into a post-graduation career.

Emmanuel Arthur, a computer science major from Ghana, landed a summer internship with Adobe in Newton, Boston. Arthur is interning as a software engineer with the company’s Document Cloud team. His job focuses on testing the functionalities of apps before they are sent to production.

Adobe, which has been named on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the last 20 years, is a computer software company that specializes in software for the creation and publication of a wide range of content, including graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures, and print. The company has expanded into digital marketing management and has millions of users worldwide.

The extraordinary experience has been great so far for Arthur. He appreciates the opportunity to work for the company.

“Interning with Adobe is a dream come true,” said Arthur. “Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and InDesign are tools I often use in my graphic design work, so interning in the company that makes these apps is a surreal feeling.”

Seasoned STEM professionals are giving Arthur an extended glimpse into the tech world, which is the highlight of his experience. He believes the exposure is prepping him for what’s to come.

“I’m impressed with the overall professional experience that I’m gaining. It’s a great start for me because, with this experience, I could have a smooth transition from school to the workforce.”

The perfect scenario for Arthur would be to turn his internship into a job opportunity after he graduates from Alcorn.

“Ultimately, I hope to be offered a full-time job in Adobe. That will be a great success in my book since it’s what I am working towards.”

Alcorn gave Arthur the tools to thrive. He praises the University for providing resources to help him soar beyond his expectations.

“I attribute a lot of my success to Alcorn. From my first programming class, my professors have been accommodating. The courses have been well organized and well presented. Also, being an international student, I have received all the necessary guidance and support in getting my essential documents intact. Alcorn serves as a step ladder to anyone looking to soar higher.”