From Alcorn to Wall Street: Graduating senior Chinedu Ufio accepts dream job at Deutsche Bank in New York

New York is one of the nation’s most bustling cities for finance professionals, with Wall Street being a hub for those making their mark in the numbers game. Beginning a career in this famous financial market has been a dream of graduating senior Chinedu Ufio. In a few months, his dream will be a reality.

“My dream has always been to go into finance and work on Wall Street and live in New York,” said Ufio, a native of Enugu, Nigeria. “Now, I can say that I have fulfilled my dream.”

Ufio has accepted a full-time job at Deutsche Bank and will begin his tenure after earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Alcorn State University during its 2022 Spring Commencement.

Deutsche Bank is a leading financial services provider to America’s agencies, corporations, governments, private individuals, and institutions.

Solidifying his future gives Ufio peace. He’s happy to be rewarded for his hard work.

“There is great relief in figuring out my next steps before graduation. I’m stress-free and happy. Now, I can finally involve myself in other activities.”

Ufio is eager to adjust to his new surroundings while continuing to enhance his abilities.

“I am looking forward to creating new relationships with my clients and fellow employees. I am also looking forward to being an asset while also learning a lot on the job and enhancing my fundamentals and skill set.”

Fueled by a tireless work ethic, Ufio proved his worth by receiving other job offers from Ernst & Young and Microsoft. He was awarded a full scholarship to Kelley Business School, where he plans to pursue a master’s degree in accounting and data analytics in Fall 2023.

He described his path as a grind that included sacrifices.

“The journey to landing this offer was not easy, as it involved sleepless nights and stressful days. I had to do a great deal of networking on LinkedIn. I attended multiple conferences, got work experience on campus at the Writing Center, and internships at Ernst & Young and Citigroup. With patience and consistency comes great rewards, and the reward was this job offer and other job offers and the opportunity to attend graduate school on a full scholarship.”

Ufio’s initial attempt to pursue internships and jobs proved to be challenging. However, thanks to his robust support system, he was motivated to keep pushing despite limited opportunities.

“Many of these challenges ranged from obstacles to getting internships and interviews and the pressure to do well during these opportunities. I overcame these challenges with the help of my family and friends, who always kept me going. They helped prepare me for my interviews. Of course, God was also a major factor, as he was the one that got me through it all.”

As Ufio approaches graduation, he reflects on his path to this point. He credits his four years at Alcorn for being life-changing.

“I will forever be grateful for my time at Alcorn. Being an international student here was a journey, but I was able to be successful thanks to the Nigerian community and good friends. The University has shaped me into the strong young man I am today. The people and resources have played a vital role in my success. For that, I am happy. I was afforded a full-time scholarship to attend this University, a defining moment that changed my life.”

The next chapter awaits Ufio, and he’s ready to embrace what it has to offer.

“I am very excited to graduate from Alcorn. My time has come to an end. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in New York. I cannot wait to see what life offers next.”