Alcorn holds Coronation of its 96th Miss Alcorn and 2nd Mister Alcorn

On October 16, Alcorn held the coronation of its 96th Miss Alcorn Bria Fells and 2nd Mister Alcorn Kendrick Walker Jr.

Bria and Kendrick are seniors this year at Alcorn. Before they earned their current roles, both were involved in organizations focused on community service and improving the campus. Those opportunities gave them insight into how to succeed in their current leadership positions.

“While in my position, I plan to recruit actively, build bridges between alumni and students, participate in community service events, and have more engaging campus events for all Alcornites,” said Fells.

They value the importance of their role while making it a priority to represent Alcorn to the best of their abilities.

“Due to social media, we are not only representing our institutions on a local or state level, but on a global level because of the platforms that we now have. I specialize in leadership because I lead from my heart, but you also have to be well-versed in politics and media when holding these positions. It is a lot, but I feel accomplished knowing that I am inspiring the people around me and making them feel important,” said Walker.

“Being a part of Alcorn’s Student Government Association is one of great responsibility and leadership. It is an honor knowing this moment will be recorded in history and continue my family’s legacy. My position within Alcorn’s SGA must not be taken for granted, as I am compelled to lead with integrity, humility, and a greater sense of accountability. I must represent the current student body in a manner that demonstrates the true nature of our Brave Nation,” said Fells.

This moment is a memorable experience for Fells and Walker.

“The coronation was an exhilarating moment that I wish could have lasted forever. The experience of being crowned, presented with gifts, and being able to walk the aisle as the 96th Miss Alcorn State University 2022-2023 was a manifested dream that I will hold dear to my heart,” said Fells.

Fells and Kendrick both plan to finish the rest of their term positively by leaving Alcorn better.

“Throughout my matriculation as Mister Alcorn, I have poured an endless amount of love, passion, and hard work into ensuring that I was forging the standard of being a student leader. So, I am proud to know that my name will live on because of what I have done to affect this role positively,” said Walker.