Jasmin Graham lands position at Mercy Hospital

Jasmin Graham, a 2023 graduate of Alcorn State University, has a passion for nursing that has been driven by her experiences at the university.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, she is heading to her hometown to work for Mercy Hospital.

During her freshman year, she faced the challenges of being an out-of-state student. However, she found a support system that helped her throughout her journey.

Jasmin describes her experience at Alcorn as nothing short of amazing.

“The family-oriented environment and support of my instructors have made me love being at Alcorn, said Graham. “Being an out-of-state student was difficult my freshmen year, but Alcorn has welcomed me with open arms. I have accomplished a lot over my four years at the university. I have been able to make an impact on numerous students and faculty. I have become a leader and serve my campus proudly.”

Two faculty members — Marla Farmer and Racheal Lambert —significantly impacted Jasmin’s academic journey.

“When I arrived at nursing school, I was hit with rigorous courses and expectations that made me doubt myself,” she said. “Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. Lambert never doubted me and always helped me when I needed them. Without them, I would not have been able to have such a phenomenal experience in nursing school.”

As a future nurse, Jasmin is committed to caring for patients with chronic and acute diseases.

“I will be the one to help my patients recover at their lowest point to bring them back up,” said Graham. “Nursing involves making an impact in a person’s life, and they play a vital role in the healthcare field.”

The Alcorn School of Nursing has prepared Jasmin by teaching her the importance of accountability. She has learned how to manage her time and work under pressure.

“Being able to push myself has made me gain confidence that I know will help me succeed further in my career.”

While at Alcorn, Jasmin has been involved in numerous organizations, including the Friends of The Library, a mentorship program for first-year nursing students at the Alcorn School of Nursing, the Student Government Association Cabinet, Girls Coalition, Impact Community Service, and the National Society of Leadership. These organizations have helped her develop leadership skills and a passion for service.

Jasmin advises current students who want to secure a job after graduation to start looking early.

“Applying to internships associated with where you want to work after graduation is the best way to get your foot in the door and establish a good work ethic,” said Graham.

Jasmin believes nursing is one of the “most prestigious and challenging careers in the world.”

“I feel the rewards are worth the hassle and that I am ready to embark on this career,” said Jasmin. I want to genuinely make a difference in someone’s life and to be able to assist them and their families during their most unpredictable times. There is really no other career that I would have chosen besides nursing, and I will make it happen no matter the obstacles that come my way because I am not afraid to fail.